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Korean Language Course

Advanced Korean speaking course to speak Korean fluently in the real world. Our Advanced Spoken Korean course is designed to boost your Korean speaking skills to the next level. This Advanced Korean speaking course features realistic dialogues through the explanation of Korean grammar that goes beyond the traditional and basic system of learning the Korean language.

The vocabulary section of this Advanced Korean speaking course includes the most commonly idiomatic Korean expressions that you would come across your daily Korean conversation.

This Advanced Spoken Korean course at Let’s Talk Institute has plenty of interactive exercises to help you improve your Korean, become fluent in Korean and accomplish your real life goal to speak Korean fluently and confidently.

Furthermore, this Advanced Korean speaking course teaches you Korean, the way you hear on the streets, in restaurants, at the movie theatre, and at parties – It will teach you the Korean of your friends and co-workers.

With this Advanced Spoken Korean course is bundled with voice & accent training, personality development training and public speaking skills through group discussions so that you acquire all the spoken Korean skills required to communicate effectively with confidence.

You have always wanted to speak fluent Korean, don’t you? So what are you waiting for? Get started right now, send us your details and our course executive would ring you with all the details you need to get started to be fluent in spoken Korean.